E-TAG electrically charged printable film and static sticky notes

E-Tag Static sticky notes

  • E-Tag Static sticky notes

    Information and instructions for the E-Tag sticker:

    1. The E-Tag sticker is made of polypropylene film. 
    2. The surface of the film has been coated with special coating, so that it may be loaded with a permanent electrical load. 
    3. The coating enables a variety of pens. Pen, pencil and, in an emergency, you can also enter a piece of metal; keys, money, or some other piece of metal. 
    4. The E-Tag sticker has not glue, but it will adhere with static electrical load. 
    5. The E-Tag sticker can be attached to any surface. It is sticking very well and will not make surfaces dirty. 
    6. The written text can be erased with the pencil eraser and the sticker can be used again. 
    7. The E-Tag sticker is in 100 piece bunches, and the covers can be personated. 
    8. E-Tag stickers can be printed with in the so-called wall printing with your own color, e.g. the logo that is continuous from sticker to sticker. 
    9. The wallpaper printing quantity starts from 7000 pieces. 
    10. E-Tag stickers can be cut to different sizes. Currently, the most common size is 100*70 mm. 
    11. E-Tag sticker may be placed to garbage or to energy waste. 
    12. The E-Tag sticker is a Finnish product.